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Make and play an infinite number of creative games created by other people, and have the best time of your life. brb is here to save you from the routines of life.
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Make new games using the creator mode. 😮

Using brb's drag and drop creator mode, you can easily create your games. Set up your map, put your elements, customize them, and then publish. Your game will be available in brb, and you can share its link with your friends!

Play thousands of creative games. 👾

Swipe through thousands of games to find and play the ones you like! Memes, stories, action, puzzles. There are all sorts of games. If you think a game can be better, you can also remix a game to make your changes.


Join the movement

If you want to take a part in the brb's growth, you can share your feedback, or join us to build better experiences for gamers across the world.